Book a long-term stay at a YOTELPAD in the U.S.

Book a long-term stay at a YOTELPAD in the U.S.

The vision of YOTEL has always being to bring comfort and practicality to users. With their services, YOTEL and YOTELAIR, they have been able to cater to those who love compact and high-tech rooms.  The company is now bringing in new brand:  YOTELPAD.

The idea behind YOTELPAD is to provide a place for an extended stay. So basically, this will be a service of renting luxury apartments turned into compact homes, called PADS. 

The marketing idea was announced in mid-January and it is projected to begin with five apartments in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.  In the U.S., the first two YOTELPADs will be located in Park City, Utah and downtown Miami, Florida.

“It’s a natural extension for our brand,” Viriot told Skift. “We’ve been very focused on very short stays for the past four years, with YotelAir at airports and with Yotel in cities. They specialize in two- to three-night stays maximum, and they’re designed for busy travelers looking for efficiency and being on the move, jumping from one city to the other,” says Hubert Viriot, YOTEL CEO.

“Following the successful rollout of YOTELAIR and YOTEL, we saw a natural opportunity to rethink the traditional extended stay segment in the same fashion we disrupted conventional hotel models,” says Viriot. 

The PADs will have a standard area of 215 square feet but larger spaces will be available.  Each PAD will be equipped with YOTEL’s adjustable smartBeds, luxury bathrooms, kitchenette, relaxing and working areas, and storage rooms.  

“YOTELPAD will transcend traditional boundaries with a blend of hotel-quality standards and home-like comforts, all achieved through our signature design DNA making the most out of compact spaces. Not only does this allow each guest or owner to have a fully functional private PAD, but with the added benefit to work, connect, relax, and socialize in multifunctional and fun spaces, creating a strong sense of community,” says Jo Berrington, Vice President of YOTEL. 

The PADs will be embedded within complexes that will include all the amenities including gym, laundry, home cinemas, and much more. You will be able to book through the YOTELPAD app, as well as checking in and checking out.