Plan to Fly Rhinos to Australia to Save Them from Poachers

Plan to Fly Rhinos to Australia to Save Them from Poachers

Since 2010, the number of rhinos that have been poached has reached over 5,000. This figure continues to increase each year and the situation is already alarming. The experts have given warnings that if this does not end, the rhinos will be extinct by year 2026.

The Australian Rhino Project has been formed to act on this issue as soon as possible. The people behind this group have made plans to fly rhinos to Australia in order to save them from poachers. The group's mission is specifically to transport 80 rhinos from South Africa to Australia. This is for the sole purpose of ensuring that the species will survive.

Reports have mentioned that black and white rhinos found in Africa are already almost extinct because of massive poaching. The increasing demand for rhino horns in Asian countries, particularly in China and Vietnam, has made poachers extremely interested in this precious body part of the rhino.

The Australian Rhino Project aims to come up with a breeding herd in Sydney, which the group will make conducive for rhino living and breeding. But in order to make this happen, the group needs funds first to relocate the rhinos.

Despite the effort of the group, there are some sectors that do not think relocating the rhinos is the best solution. Matt Hayward, a researcher at a UK university even said that this project needs a huge amount of money to materialize. The experts suggested that while taking the rhinos to Australia may not cause any harm, there are other ways to prevent their extinction that will not cost as much. They pointed out that stopping poaching can possibly be the best solution to address the issue.