Where Is The Integration, Who Built It, And Why?

Where Is The Integration, Who Built It, And Why?

Integration is an annual, techno-cultural festival held in the Indian Statistical Institute during the last three weeks of January every year. It is one of the largest inclusive campus events in the Kolkata City of India and it attracts participants from all over the world. The scholars and students of the Indian Statistical Institute organize Integration every year and it involves three chapters; Tech, Sports, and Cultural.

Tech Chapter

The events in this chapter include junkyard wars, Code-IT, MystIQ, Scavenger Hunt, Dota 2, Math-Geek, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Also during this chapter, there is a Tech Quiz, and it is the biggest of its kind in West Bengal. There are also workshops and seminars facilitated by eminent professionals versed in various technical fields.

Cultural chapter

This is the second chapter of the Integration and participants can experience the active involvement of stalwarts from various fields. The chapter too has competitive events such as Etempore, debates, filmmaking, singing competitions, photography, band competitions, dancing competitions, among others. During the cultural chapter, participants can expect the largest campus quiz, Prahelika, in Eastern India.

Sports Chapter

This is the latest chapter in Integration and it was introduced in January 2013. There is a variety of indoor and outdoor events including bridge, football (soccer), chess, and cricket, among others. West Bengal Chess Association is the main sponsor of the chess tournament.

Integration was founded in 2000 and later revived in 2010, which saw the introduction of eco-pals where students took up a green pledge to make the Indian Statistical Institute hostels plastic-free and there were talks on Environment and Cryptography.