A Royal Suite Situated in the Dubai International Airport

A Royal Suite Situated in the Dubai International Airport

Dubai is well-known for its magnificent architecture and luxurious life, and visitors being treated to nothing less. The Royal Suite, Conrad is one good example of Dubai’s hospitality. The suite is in the Dubai International Airport. Visitors are treated to world-class restaurants, and the Burj Khalifa and Dubai malls are only a five-minute drive away.

The Conrad is a clear reflection of luxury at its best whether you are traveling for business or just leisure. It is decorated with gold finishes and glass sculptures. The lobby has large stone frames, and at the entrance, are golden animal sculptures and marble staircases.

The rooms are very sophisticated but have a modern touch. The floors and ceilings have excellent designs and are a good reflection of Jumeirah`s cultures. The furniture is the best you can ever see and the entire finishes are on another level.

The highlight of these luxurious residences is the Royal suite. It is on the top-most floor and visitors are treated to beautiful views of Dubai International Airport and Dubai as a whole. The suite boasts two enormous bedrooms, a lounge, pantry, and dining area. However, you can choose from the other six hotel venues that include a cave setting or wine cellar among others for a different experience.

The services are unsurpassed. Their menu is outstanding, and guests are treated to world class foods. From the airport to the residence, the guests enjoy a ride from either a Porsche Cayenne or a Maserati.   

It is undoubted that this is one of the best royal suites for visitors landing at Dubai International Airport.